Published Papers

Wiseman, T., and P. Walker (forthcoming), "U.S. Interstate Underground Trade Flow: A Gravity Model Approach," Review of Law & Economics.

Wiseman, T. (forthcoming), "Economic Freedom and Growth in U.S. State-level Market Income at the Top and Bottom," Contemporary Economic Policy.

    Journal of Regional Analysis & Policy.

    Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy 4(3): 313-330.

    Constitutional Political Economy 26(4): 421-433.

Wiseman, T., and A. Young (2014), "Religion: Productive or Unproductive?," 
    Journal of Institutional Economics 10(1): 21-45.

    Southern Economic Journal 81(1): 193-210.

Wiseman, T., and A. Young (2013), "Religion and Entrepreneurial Activity in the U.S.," Published in The Annual Proceedings of the Wealth and Well-Being of            Nations 2012-2013, Vol.5: Institutions, Institutional Change, and Economic Development: Ideas and Influence of Timur Kuran, (ed. Joshua C. Hall): 95               114. 

    Constitutional Political Economy 24(4): 310-335.

Wiseman, T., and A. Young (2013), "Economic Freedom, Entrepreneurship & Income Levels: Some U.S. State-Level Empirics," American Journal of                       Entrepreneurship 6(1): 100-119.

Working Papers

Wiseman, T. and N. Dutta, "Religion and the Gender Wage Gap: A U.S. State-level Study," Under Review.

On-going Research

"Migration and Baumolian Entrepreneurship in the United State" (with Josh Bedi)

"Political Entrepreneurship and Isolated U.S. Capital Cities"

"Slavery as a Determinant of Institutional and Economic Development in the United States’ MSAs, 1860-2013"

“Shadow Economy Size and Fiscal Decentralization in the United States” (with Justin Bailey)

Popular Media
Wiseman and Young (2014) is the basis for several articles published in popular media, including: Pacific Standard Magazine, Religion News Serviceand Inc. Magazine.
"Economic Freedom and Growth in U.S. State-level Market Income at the Top and Bottom" received some attention at Reason Magazine (here and here).
"Religion and the Gender Wage Gap: A U.S. State-level Study" received some attention at New York Magazine.
"Mississippi Needs More Economic Freedom," Clarion-Ledger, January 1, 2016.

“Think Globally: MSU’s International Business Program,” Dividends Magazine, Fall 2015, Centennial Edition: pp. 82

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